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Steroid Congress

October 6 @ 8:00 October 8 @ 17:00


The congress will bring together investigators at the cutting edge of intracrinology, steroid analytics and steroidomics, structural biology of steroid receptors, novel steroid receptor ligands, therapeutic uses of glucocorticoids, 11-oxo-steroids, germline mutations in steroid metabolism, mechanisms of drug resistance in hormone dependent cancers, impact of steroids on metabolome, and data science.

Program can be viewed here: LINK

Speakers: D. Poirier (CAN), SX Lin (CAN), E. Audet-Walsh (CAN), A. Tchernof (CAN), S. Mader (CAN), S. Wudy (GER), MH. Choi (KOR), W. Arlt (UK), C. Mesaros (USA), N. Lawrence (UK), O.Meijer (NETH), K de Bosscher  (BEL), E Chertok Schacham (ISR), J. Cidlowski (USA), F. Claessens (BEL), E. Wasmuth (USA), F. Rastinejad (UK), R. Narayanan (USA), S. Wang (USA), D. Tauner (USA), M.D. Sadar (CAN), J.H. White (CAN), P.H. Anderson (AUS), G. Jones (CAN), K. Cashman (IRE), K. Storbeck (SA), L. Shiffer (USA), R. Auchus (AUS), A. Turcu (USA), J. Regee (USA), T. G├╝ran (TUR), E. Baranowski (UK), J. Qiao (CHI), A. Odermatt (SWI), V. Dubois (BEL), N. Sharifi (USA), A. C. Gao (USA), S. Plymate (USA), S. Chen (USA).

Early career stage investigators are encouraged to submit abstracts for poster presentations. The best abstracts will be selected for a dedicated short oral presentation session. Deadline for abstracts is Friday, Sept 29, 10 pm EDT (Philadelphia, PA, USA). Submit abstract at: LINK

Register for free at: LINK


Jerzy Adamski, Editor in Chief J. Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology