Group Leader of a scientific working group in the Biochemistry department (22-223-3)

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The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) is the national metrology institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with scientific and technical service tasks. It furthers progress and reliability in metrology for society, the economy and science.


The Technische Universität Braunschweig (Technical University of Braunschweig) (TU BS), with its nearly 18,500 students and 3,700 members of staff, is the largest technical university of northern Germany. It stands for strategical and performance-oriented research, committed teaching, and successful knowledge and technology transfer to industry and society.


Within the scope of a joint selection procedure, PTB and TU Braunschweig are looking for a candidate to fill the following position at the earliest possible date for a term initially limited to three years (with a further three year extension pending successful evaluation):


Group Leader of a scientific working group
in the Biochemistry department
Remuneration Group 14 TVöD Bund ○ full-time ○ fixed-term contract




Provided all legal prerequisites are satisfied, the candidate will be simultaneously appointed to the Junior Professorship for “Standardization of Biomolecular Measurements” at the Technical University of Braunschweig (without tenure track). This joint appointment will be made pursuant to Section 30 of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (NHG) applying the so-called Thuringian Model. The junior professorship will be awarded initially for a period of three years and extended for another three years pending a positive interim performance evaluation. The newly established junior professorship is intended to strengthen the existing research focus on “Metrology in Biochemistry” at PTB and to help expand activities in the fields of biochemistry and biomedicine in close cooperation with the University of Braunschweig and its partner institutions at the Braunschweig site. The new department will furthermore seek to intensify cooperation with PTB’s medically oriented working groups in Berlin.



Your tasks:

The holder of the newly established group leader position (junior professorship) will be expected to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to standardize high-dimensional metabolomics and proteomics measurement data. For this purpose, multiple reference measurements will ideally be used in order to be able to quantitatively detect as many biomarkers as possible. This research should concentrate on the following three areas:

1. Particular focus should be placed on the automated sample processing and measurement of analytes identified in the Rilli-BÄK list (guideline of the German Medical Association for the quality assurance of medical laboratory examinations). These involve various biomedically relevant metabolites, trace elements and proteins found in human body fluids (plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid).

2. Determination of “beacon metabolites” by applying machine learning approaches. These beacon metabolites should then be used as reference points for the quantification of a whole group of suitable metabolites.

3. Investigation of various methods of standardization and how their influence on the uncertainty of the measurement processes can be optimized.


The aim of the research activity done in collaboration with PTB working groups specializing in machine learning will be to first establish the metrological fundamentals that can then be applied in the fields of metabolomics and proteomics in cooperation with the Braunschweig Integrated Centre of Systems Biology (BRICS). The professorship will further be expected to interact with the “Standards and Reference Material” working group of the German Society for Metabolomic Research and thus make the new methods available to other groups.


Your profile:

You have successfully completed your university studies (Master’s degree or German Diplom) in biochemistry, chemistry, analytical chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology or a similar field.
You are able to perform scientific work autonomously, which is proven by your excellent doctoral thesis in a field relevant to this position.
You are able to set up an independent scientific research working group and to take accountability for managing it.
You have the ability to lead and motivate scientific and technical staff (to be demonstrated in an assessment center).
You have published articles in internationally recognized scientific journals.
You are a strong team player with excellent communication skills.
You are willing to deliver lectures to academic classes and to supervise employees as well as students.
You are able to communicate openly and constructively within the working group and with external partners.
You are committed to the planned establishment of a third-party funded research network.
You will ideally have gathered experience in international research work.
You have an excellent command of written and spoken English and a fair command of written and spoken German.
We offer:

A working environment which supports excellent scientific research in many different ways
Two doctoral candidates who will support your team’s work
With regard to teaching, the junior professorship will be established in the master’s program of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the TU BS and will have a teaching load of 2 SWS (2 hours per week during each semester).
For further information with regard to this position, please contact:
Prof. Dr. I. Rustenbeck, phone: +49 531 391-5670, e-mail: i.rustenbeck(at),
Dr. B. Güttler, phone: +49 531 592-3010, e-mail: bernd.guettler(at)


PTB and TU BS both promote the professional equality of women and men and are thus especially interested in applications from women.
Within the scope of the official feasibilities, PTB and TU BS offer flexible part-time work schemes in order to support in particular the compatibility of work and family life.
Disabled persons will be given priority if they have the same occupational aptitude.

By applying for this position, you implicitly agree to your documents being accessed by all members of the selection committee.


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