Deutsche Gesellschaft für Metabolomforschung 


The German Society for Metabolomics Research is now an affiliate of the Metabolomics Society.
As of January 29, 2024, the German Society for Metabolomics Research has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Metabolomics Society, Inc. Both societies have agreed to collaborate to promote the growth, utilisation and understanding of metabolomics in the life sciences, facilitate education and staff exchange, and further enable interaction between academia and industry.
We at the DGMet are looking forward to this collaboration!


Please visit their website to find out more about our ongoing activities and networking with other metabolomics societies worldwide.

About our Society

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Metabolomforschung (DGMet) was founded in 2019. The aim of our society is to foster research in metabolism and to function as an interaction platform for scientists in the field. For this reason, the society organizes a general yearly conference and smaller workshops for the society’s study groups. Moreover, DGMet offers an educational program for metabolic topics to support transfer of knowledge, technologies and protocols. DGMet aims to represent our research area and to engage in national decision making processes.

Annual meeting 2023

The conference of the German Society for Metabolome Research (DGMet) in Halle (Saale) on 27-28.09.2023 was a great scientific and social event. We had very inspiring scientific presentations dealing with the diversity of metabolomics in its various aspects: plant-environment interactions, understanding chronic kidney disease (CKD), control of the TCA cycle by metabolites, developments in metabolomics infrastructure, metabolomics in ecosystems and metabolic aspects of ageing. The speakers were really excellent and the discussions very lively. In particular, the brainstorming sessions of the different DGMet interest groups on NMR studies, standards for metabolomics, core facilities and microbiome research were well attended. It was a thrilling experience to discuss so many different aspects of metabolomics. New networks were forming and new study groups were talking about their plans for research. We are looking forward to meet you in in Rauischholzhausen, Hesse, Germany, 25-26 Sept, 2024 or earlier!

Working groups


Isotopic Labeling and Flux Analysis​

Metabolomics and isotope tracing has become an indispensable tool to facilitate characterization of unknowns, metabolite quantification, pathway activity assessment and metabolic flux analysis.



The study group – microbiome - aims to establish a network for microbiome research across german speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Standards and Reference Materials

The study group „Standards and Reference Materials” aims to foster and coordinate efforts to improve standardization, interlaboratory comparability and data quality of metabolomics research in Germany.


Training and Education

The training and education study group aims to foster and coordinate efforts in improving training and education in the processing and analysis of metabolic data.


Metabolomics Platforms

Metabolomics is very technology driven and requires large analytical equipment such as mass spectrometers (MS) or nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (NMR) as well as trained personnel for analysis, troubleshooting and instrument maintenance.


Rising incidences of metabolic disorders stress the importance of research on Immunometabolism. New and more advanced techniques being available to investigate the crosstalk between immunology and metabolism allow this field of study to emerge worldwide.

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