Metabolomics Platforms

Metabolomics is very technology driven and requires large analytical equipment such as mass spectrometers (MS) or nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (NMR) as well as trained personnel for analysis, troubleshooting and instrument maintenance. Metabolomics Platforms (aka Core Facilities, Centers, Core Labs, etc.) provide access to such equipment, as well as trained personnel and support the wider life science community through scientific collaborations. The Metabolomics Platforms working group aims to identify challenges and disseminate best practices across Metabolomics Platforms in Germany. We aim to strengthen metabolomics research by identifying new collaboration opportunities, exchange methods and quality control protocols and to represent metabolomics research in Germany to research institutions and funding agencies.

Key aims will be:

  • to work alongside existing groups, including the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie, Metabolomics Society and mQACC, to identify, share and implement best practices in sample preparation, analytical assays, bioinformatics, and data storage for metabolomics
  • to identify challenges and solutions unique to metabolomics platforms
  • to identify and implement unmet training, networking and motivation needs of staff members and users
  • exchange of SOPs for sample preparation and analytical assays
  • exchange of administrative know-how on tax regulations, accounting, and user management
  • to work with other departments at respective institutions and beyond to streamline sharing data and access to Metabolomics Platforms