Standards and Reference Materials

The study group „Standards and Reference Materials” aims to foster and coordinate efforts to improve standardization, interlaboratory comparability and data quality of metabolomics research in Germany. We plan to pursue different strategies like the collection and evaluation of methods’ portfolios, the investigation of availabilities and applications of standards and reference materials, and the implementation of ring trials.
A further important mission of the study group is the development of a network to facilitate scientific and technical exchange between national and international researchers within the metabolomics community.

The potential target audience includes all people working in the field of metabolism.

With the goal to find out where and how the needs for standards and reference materials are, we developed a questionnaire – which is now ready to be answered by the metabolomics community in German-speaking countries.

The questionnaire was prepared using the professional survey tool from Lamapoll. Please note that it is sufficient to fill in the questionnaire once per lab. You can directly start the questionnaire  (password dgmet2023):

We greatly appreciate your valuable contribution in obtaining a comprehensive overview of the usage and requirements of chemical standards and reference materials in German-speaking countries.

The next meeting is planned in May 2024!

Please contact Jutta Lintelmann to join the meeting!