Rising incidences of metabolic disorders stress the importance of research on Immunometabolism. New and more advanced techniques being available to investigate the crosstalk between immunology and metabolism allow this field of study to emerge worldwide.
In our working group, we aim to represent this trend in Germany and connect interested scientists. Our goal is to build a network of researchers who are passionate about how metabolites can act on immune cells and change the immune response, how metabolism is altered during an immune response and how metabolism in immune cells works.

This working group aims to:

  • Become a platform for exchange between scientists in the field of immunometabolism
  • Inform about new findings in research
  • Connect and give rise to new collaborations
  • Support personal exchange during annual meetings
  • Exchange protocols and knowledge about state-of-the-art methods
  • Spread the interest in this field and support students and young researchers at developing expertise